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Windows file listing tool

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Convert Windows Explorer file lists to text

DDFileCatcher makes lists of files from Windows Explorer. Select exactly the files you want and simply drag and drop any number of files from Windows Explorer onto DDFileCatcher and DDFileCatcher will put the file list into a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, text file or the Clipboard saved in plain text, XML, CSV or tab-delimited formats.

Copy file names to Microsoft Excel

List file names and over 290 file properties from Windows Explorer in Microsoft Excel. DDFileCatcher fills Excel rows and columns with file lists and file properties. It recognizes existing file lists to add the same file properties to them.

Copy file names to Micrsoft Word

Works in Word the same way as Excel, but puts file information in formatted tables or as plain text.

Print lists of files from Windows Explorer

Print file lists from Windows Explorer in tables or plain text. DDFileCatcher also installs its menu in Microsoft Word, which offers all the formatting features of Word.

List digital image properties

List digital image file properties and save the file list in Excel, Word or to a text file. Includes thumbnail and image GPS properties if they are in the files.

List Microsoft Office file document properties

List over 30 Microsoft Office document properties produced by Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, Project and Powerpoint and Publisher.

List MP3 file information

List the tracks on CDs and MP3 collections.