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I can help you - advice, technical support, systems design, increasing productivity

If you need technical advice, someone to help analyse and solve problems, improve your company's use of IT, specification, design and commissioning of control systems, we have the skills to help you.

I'm Don Robinson, director of Robinmatch Limited. Now, I write and sell software. My background is in engineering and control systems. A very brief resume is: chemical engineer at British Steel, instrument and controls engineer for industrial systems in water companies, car manufactures, a cement company, sugar refinery, test team leader at UKAEA (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority), successful shareware author with expertise in software design, programming, web design and e-commerce.

Through Robinmatch Limited, I am available to help with projects, problem solving and support for your company. I can also provide experienced staff for your requirements. Areas in which I could help you are:


Sometimes, it's useful to have someone to bounce ideas off, who can look at problems with a fresh set of eyes, and can use problem solving techniques to break challenges down into manageable pieces.


A project can be any task that involves more than one step; from buying a new computer to introducing a new product. I use techniques for planning and excecuting projects. I could help you to use the techniques.

Use of computers, e-commerce and the web

DRY ("don't repeat yourself") and KISS ("keep it simple") are two useful principles I use. Never type the same list in twice, for example. There are lots of ways to improve your company's use of computers, such as macros for Microsoft Office, scripts written in Ruby or Python, use the Linux operating system, use the free OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office. Set up a website and advertise it using Google AdWords (which is probably how you found this page). I can help and give advice on these.

Short term technical staff

If you have a project that requires someone to perform a technical task, such as data entry into a database, I could set up a system to do this and supply technical staff for you with the right level of experience.

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